Shipping Services

Services exists to provide you with the effective and immediate marine service solution, from local troubleshooting to a total logistics package.

Through our network of offices in countries all over the world shipping servicesare very diversified. With individual customer base of around 2,500 clients across the oil, cruise, navy, container and commodity sectors, the shipping services can provide a solution.

To stay ahead, responding to an ever-changing maritime environment, remaining competitive and delivering premium services to the world’s leading vessel operators, shipping service companies draws on unparalleled expertise of its people, strategically positioned around the globe.

Whether the solution you require is at local, regional or global level, shipping services companies can provide it, and tailor it to you. They can do this because where it matters most to your business, gaining the local knowledge is of high priority along with years of experience.

Shipping Services – Examples

  • Managing facilities for receiving, shipping, warehousing, consolidation, and cross-docking material headed overseas. This includes providing regional distribution services at key locations to consolidate overseas shipments.
  • Operating specialized warehouse facilities for inventory items, equipment, temporary storage of modified vehicles, and secure storage of materials that will be used in the controlled area of posts.
  • Managing carriers to ensure high standards of service at the lowest available cost to our customers.
  • Operating the diplomatic pouch system that ensures the security of sensitive items in-transit to locations around the world. These pouches range from small, hand carried items to multi-ton equipment. We ship diplomatic pouches through channels such as APO and FPO mail systems, commercial and military carriers, and with diplomatic couriers.
  • Training and consulting with General Services Officers (GSOs) in shipping policies, practices, and procedures.
  • Receipt, storage, and delivery of general purpose and armored or otherwise modified vehicles.