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Archive Storage

Cost effective storage of business critical documents, such as accounting records, statutory company records, client files, legal documents and files and healthcare records, is a modern necessity but it need not be a modern headache.
For years and years, records management has been considered incompatible with self-storage, self-storage consultants who do not understand the nature of the records business have fostered that myth. Commercial records operators have been busy grabbing existing business from self-storage businesses. This is true because most self-storage operators do not understand the reasons that their customers left them for the traditional, commercial records centers. The best part of the records business is its longevity; records tend to stay in your facility forever.

Recently, formal records management practices have become an important part of conducting business within government organizations and private industries. This is due in large part to ever stricter legislation and compliance regulations aimed at securing and archiving critical information. Most legislation and regulations have been handed down with no road map for compliance. Security and compliance officers as well as records managers have been left to fend for themselves in search of the right combination of products and procedures to ensure that complying with these regulations does not disrupt day to day operations or the ability to do business.

There are many differing but sensible reasons that companies use archiving facilities:

  • Secure space at far less cost than sq foot business rental
  • Specialist librarian style archiving and state of the art bar coded tracking
  • Risk management and disaster planning strategies to safeguard their enterprise
  • Quiet, private and comfortable facilities to work with and review large quantities of data