Climate Control Storage

Many storage facilities are now introduing climate storage, to protect your sensitive equipment or belongings. Climate control storage space guarantees that nothing will be damaged by extreme hot or cold temperatures. It eliminates the humidity in the air and keeps the temperature from falling below 55A� or rising above 80A�.

With these features, your belongings will be protected against any rapid change of external temperatures. Climate controlled space also provides a cleaner environment by filtering dust particles out of the air. This will keep items cleaner and fresher.

Utilize special climate controlled space for items such as:

  • Leather Furniture
  • Musical Equipment
  • Pianos
  • Crystal/Glassware
  • Books
  • Electronic Equipment/Devices
  • Computers
  • Fine linens and clothing
  • Mattresses
  • Business files/Records
  • Oil paintings
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Retail inventory items