Removals and Storage

Advance preparation is the most important factor in a successful move. You should begin your search for a suitable moving company to carry out your move 6-8 weeks before your intending moving date. This will allow time to get competitive quotations, make all the arrangements, organise transport, etc.
If your new home is not ready or your plans are undecided you may choose for your household goods to spend some time in storage. If so, everything will be loaded directly into specially designed, numbered storage containers and travel straight to one of Britannia’s purpose-built warehouses. Britannia companies have some of the finest furniture storage facilities anywhere in the country. All Britannia warehouses use the containerised storage system to minimise handling and keep your goods clean, dry and secur

It is important that you check out the background and credentials of the companies who quote on your move. It is vital to ensure that your chosen removal company has relevant experience, and if aplicable has appropriate links with foreign movers (international moves), as it is the foreign mover who will supply at least 40% of the service. If you are moving internationally you should ensure above all else that your chosen mover is a member of FIDI, fidi.com (The International Federation of International Furniture Removers), the only International Group that provides full bonding and ensures that all its members are properly accredited through an inspection and reference system. Other domestic bonding arrangements include BAR Overseas (British Association of Removers Overseas Group.

Don’t risk it. There are things that are not insured, even if you pay for coverage! The most common example would be jewelry. Best to pack them up and take them yourself. Other items not normally insured are coins, stamps, documents, food. There is no insuring items of sentimental value. A photograph will only be covered up to the cost of the film, for example. The same goes for software data. The loss of data is not covered, so back up your disks before moving!!