Used Storage Containers for Sale

Steel shipping/storage containers are available in 20-foot, 40-foot and 45-foot and 48-foot sizes. ‘High cube’ containers add an additional foot to the typical interior height (7 feet 10 inches). As their name implies, dry vans make excellent storage containers because they are designed to protect expensive trade goods from the extreme conditions of trans-oceanic shipping. Unlike a shed or garage, our storage containers’ steel construction and watertight door gaskets make them nearly impervious to moisture penetration, vermin infestation, rot, decay, and excess humidity. For added protection from extreme heat or cold, we also carry a full line of insulated and refrigerated containers.

Used storage containers for sale keep cargo/items safe from:

  • rain
  • wind
  • seawater
  • ice
  • sand
  • heat
  • grease
  • bumps and knocks

Each container can be customized to meet your unique needs?whether you require extra security, unique paint jobs, or more advanced features like roll up doors for easy access. For information on pricing and availability of new and used shipping containers, contact a used storage containers for sale provider.

Insulated Used Storage Containers for Sale
Insulated Containers are available different lengths, and contain a layer of foam insulation between the interior and exterior surfaces of the walls, floor and roof. Insulated containers keep perishable goods protected from rapid temperature changes, and are well-suited to non-powered cooling strategies like dry ice or pre-cooled cargo. So whatever you have in mind for your used storage containers for sale unit all options are available. To help prevent condensation inside the container when storing organic or other non-dry materials, we also offer ventilated containers that allow you to control airflow via a series of openings along the container’s side rails.