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Used Shipping Containers

Companies will sell available new, used and converted steel shipping containers, 10ft, 20ft, 30ft, 40ft, standard, insulated, refrigerated, for storage, shipping or conversion and constantly hold stocks of all standard sizes and types. This means they can supply nearly all customer requirements immediately anywhere in mainland UK.

Expect delivery to any accessible location, including off-loading. You may require immediate use of a container, as soon as it is delivered. Companies provide a complete transport and delivery service, including the lift off and positioning the container just where you want it.

Used shipping containers companies can provide a transferral service if you require changing a container’s location, and wsome provide a no hassle collection service when a container is off hired.

Used shipping containers have such a good basic design that they are perfect for converting to an almost infinite number of alternate uses, principally for extra security, portability, for housing equipment e.g. generators and as a secure working environment.

Companies will endouver to add value to a basic product through product knowledge, design, high quality workmanship and thorough customer service. You should be looking for and receive the a good service when planning a business solution using used shipping containers.

Companies sell literally hundreds of high security ‘block’ lock padlocks; they are excellent value and are used in conjunction with our padlock shrouds for container security. They have a hardened steel armour jacket and can be individually keyed, ‘keyed alike’ or with a master key covering all locks in a set.