Storage Systems

Everyone wants to be safe and secure, right? Of course. And tenants at self-storage facility’s are no different. Locks for units are an industry standard, but more and more facilities are stepping up their security beyond the common lock. Properties offer individual door alarms, both wired and wireless-gate access and even video surveillance to combat the proliferation of crime around the nation. At the same time, the industry is creating a marketing opportunity to give customers what they want: peace of mind.
Self Storage have a wide variety of storage systems in place. Depending on the size of the goods you wish to be stored will depend wich system you need. Digital video surveillance, communication systems, storage unit computer systems are just an example of the storage systems in place at many of the self storage facilities.

Access control is another system in place for storing your items. Although nothing new, gate-controlled access to facilities has come a long way from its origins. Today, automatic gates are often controlled by computer software using either keypads or magnetic card readers at the entrance and exit of the facilities. A typical scenario would be a renter driving to the gate and entering his/her unique pass code or running a magnetic-striped card through a card reader for admittance. The gate opens, the renter drives into the facility, and the gate closes behind him. These are some of the lenghts that storage providers will go too, to keep your belonging safe.