Used Shipping Storage Containers

Companies specialise in steel marine shipping container conversions into any type of industrial unit or storage container to suit the client’s needs and specifications. These metal containers are ideal for all types of secure on site storage and industrial applications. The use of industrial units is wide ranging and includes:

Used shipping storage containers are available in standard sizes of 20 foot and 40 foot. The price is determined by the market and depends on the following factors: age, type, condition, quantity ordered, modifications and cost of transport. Used shipping storage containers providers maintain a sizable fleet of 20?and 40? containers for the domestic leasing market and an inventory of used and new 20?, 40? and specialty sale units for both the domestic and international markets.

  • Chemical stores
  • Machine rooms
  • Cold storage
  • Generator units
  • On site secure storage
  • Specialist storage

Typical Customers

  • Councils (works storage)
  • Building Sites (equipment store)
  • Schools (outdoor equipment store)
  • Leisure and Sport Centres (sports equipment store)
  • Light Industrials (archive store)
  • Heavy Industrials (machinery stores)