Steel Storage Containers

Container Construction
Standard ISO freight containers are designed to withstand the rigours of marine transportation and are constructed with a high tensile steel rigid framework, with corrugated steel walls and doors. Internal floors are treated timber, 27mm thick, mounted on steel cross members. Double doors are fitted to one end, retained by 4 full height locking bars all fitted with lockable handles. Containers are very secure and vandal proof. As standard, there is provision for the fitment of padlocks to the door handles.

Within reason a steel storage containers company will get a container almost anywhere. Top quality containers have specially designed corner castings for lifting and positioning, and the majority of 8ft, 10ft and 20ft containers also have forklift truck pockets. Drivers will require a hard core/access to the delivery site, and the crane sets down the container from the side of the vehicle. Therefore they will need at least 20′ width to facilitate the offloading and there must be no overhead cables or overhanging trees in the way. The delivery truck will be a maximum size of 60′ long by 8’6′ wide plus wing mirrors. With the container on the vehicle the height will be approx. 15′ and when the crane is extended to its full height this will be 20′. If you are not sure about your destination point, then simply get in toucj with your steel storage containers provider and they will check that the delivery is feasible.

Containers are non-permanent so in most cases not. However it is worth checking if the containers are in a residential area, near a road junction, or likely to cause complaints from neighbours. We recommend you check with your local planning authorities.

Containers are very robust and require little or no maintenance but it is a good idea to ensure the doors are kept in good working order. Therefore we recommend that you grease the door hinges and locking rods at regular intervals.