Christmas Tree Storage Containers

This Christmas storage solution will keep your tree safe and dust-free. Containers sizes range from up to a 9 foot and larger with detachable tree easily placed inside.


  • There are many containers available to properly store your treasures. Some are specifically designed for storing holiday ornaments. Compartmentalized ornament boxes are wonderful and can be found at discount department stores or you can check my links below for ordering online if you don’t care to get out to the stores again right away.
  • Specially made containers are great, but you can also use sturdy cardboard boxes and inexpensive plastic bins with lids. It’s a good idea to save your original ornament boxes whenever possible, especially for breakable items as they are usually packaged to prevent damage.

Packing Tips

  • Save your gift wrapping materials and keep everything together in a plastic organizer especially made for this purpose. These organizers will save you from having to re-buy these materials next year, and you’ll know exactly where your papers and bows when you need them.
  • Those long rolls of paper can also be stored by tying the rolls together with string or ribbon (don’t tape them or use rubber bands that can mark or tear the paper) and lying them flat on a closet shelf. Store gift bags by removing any tissue paper from the bags, fold bags carefully and store the folded bags in your largest gift bag or in a large department store bag. Hang or place the bag so that it won’t be crushed or come into contact with moisture.
  • Sturdy cardboard inserts (like the ones packed inside all those toy packages!) work great for wrapping garlands around to keep them flat and untangled. They can be layered in paper bags for protection and easy handling next year.
  • Wrap individual strings of lights around cardboard inserts. Check for broken or burned out lights and replace or mark with a colored twist-tie for replacement next year. Buy replacement bulbs in the after Christmas sales!
  • You can quickly make a cloth bags to store and protect your lights by cutting the legs from a pair of old, worn out jeans and either sew, glue or use fusable web to seal one end. Place lights inside the bag and secure the open end with a large rubber band and by tying a length of string securely around the end. The bags can then be securely hung up in your storage area on a hook or nail. Store smaller strings of lights (for wreathes, or other decorations) in large plastic bags. Mark the bag to identify what the lights are used for.
  • Store extension cords with lights so you can locate them next year when you need them. Use acid free tissue paper to wrap loose ornaments and place in shallow, sturdy cardboard boxes or plastic ornament containers.