Large Storage Containers

Container companies hold a large stock of new and used containers. Container modification services are the ideal solution for anyone with special storage or space needs. Companies can convert containers into classrooms, libraries, changing facilities, sanitary facilities etc. Since they are temporary, planning permission is not usually required when a converted container is installed at your premises. If you are looking for some extra space in a hurry, speak to a large storage containers provider(see links) and find out how they can solve your problem.

Choosing Your Large Storage Container

  • Call storage companies to find out what size containers are available, prices and vacancy information.
  • Choose the container size that best meets your needs. Use a size estimator to make an educated guess (available at
  • Ask about security features of the facility (alarms, motion detectors, video surveillance, guards, security gates).
  • Get a copy of the contract, contact information, as well as the hours of operation for the facility.
  • Inspect the unit that you will be renting. It should be clean, well maintained and secure.