Vehicle Shipping

As the transportation industry is splurging with the freight shipping companies, pallet shipping and other trucking companies (the number of which is growing by leaps and bounds), to choose the best transportation service is not only difficult but is also a tedious task. Depending on your cargo that is to be shipped. Companies get you linked to freight shipping, pallet shipping and trucking company who can satisfy your requirement to the fullest.

What does it cost to ship my vehicle overseas?
Prices are determined by vehicle size (length, width and height), origin and final destination. Most shipping companies offer instant quotes by phone or online. Contact you provider for full details.

Do I need marine insurance?
Vehicle shipping compannies would recommend that marine insurance cover is arranged for overseas vehicle shipments. They can arrange marine insurance on your behalf at competitive rates. Contact your provider for further details of the cover provided as it does vary depending on the age and condition of the vehicle and the country of destination.

Will import duties and taxes apply on entering my vehicle into a foreign country?
This will depend entirely on the country of destination and the circumstances of the importation (i.e. if it is a commercial transaction or change of residence etc). Vehicle shiping companies would strongly recommend that you check local import regulations in the country of destination prior to shipment.

Will there be other charges due at the destination port?
Yes, there will be charges for local handling, customs clearance etc at the destination port. Costs will vary from port to port, country to country. Its always best to get as much information as possible on your destination.

Will there be anybody to assist me with the customs clearance and pick up of the vehicle at destination?
The larger Shipping companies have an extensive network of reliable agents around the world who can assist with local customs formalities.

What do I need to do in order to prepare my vehicle for shipment?
The vehicle should be clean and the fuel tank no more than a quarter full. Personal effects should be removed from the vehicle before shipment to prevent customs clearance delays at destination.


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