Storage Containers London

Whether short-term or long-term, storage is becoming more and more popular in the UK. Here are just some of the situations where it can be useful.

  • Thinking of putting your home on the market? Add thousands to its value by storing your clutter with us for as little as A?50 a month!
  • Your old home is sold, and you’re waiting to move into the new one. Short-term storage is the answer, and is a popular way to avoid breaking a moving chain.
  • If your moving chain falls apart, short-term storage with us means you can still move when you’d planned to move.
  • Temporarily running out of space? Store some of your household effects until there’s room again.
  • Going on an overseas assignment? And perhaps you’d like to let your UK home, but you don’t want to risk tenants damaging your furniture? Answer: let your home unfurnished, and put your furniture etc into store while you are away.
  • Redecorating, renovating, or having the builders in, and nowhere to put the contents of the rooms being worked on? Put the contents into short-term storage.
  • Assigned to work in the UK, and you find that not all of your shipped furniture will fit into your assignment accommodation? (UK houses being typically smaller than, say, US ones).
  • You need storage for a student’s effects during a gap year.
  • You need to store an elderly relative’s effects because they are moving into smaller or sheltered accommodation.
  • You need to store some large and/or awkwardly shaped items such as pianos and tall cabinets. Let us look after it for you as ‘Loose Storage’.

‘Whether short-term or long-term, storage is becoming more and more popular in the UK. Here are just some of the situations where it can be useful.’

The Process

  • Contact provider to discuss your requirements. Either phone or email.
  • Within a few days or seconds online, you will be provide with quotation for the cost. The quotation will show the price, the storage period, and the projected date for picking up the goods from your premises.
  • If you agree the quotation, then on the appointed day (if we are providing the transport) a van arrives to collect the goods. Or you can drop of your items by your own means.
  • The goods are transferred to our warehouse to be stored for the stipulated period.
  • At the end of the stipulated period, after confirming the transport date with you, wproviders can transport the container or loose goods back to your premises, or you can collect them.
    Cost will vary consideably depending on what and how much you decide to store. You may find London facilities will be slightly more expensive than one based more rurally.

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