Motorcycle Shipping

Please ensure fuel is drained from the petrol tank and that the battery (if fitted) is disconnected, you do not have to remove the engine oil. Freight forwarding companies do not require the keys these can be forwarded to the consignee under separate cover if required, but please do not secure the steering lock if fitted. If keys are to be forwarded with the motorcycle, please hand them to the driver , they will be secured to the handlebars prior to packing. The more information the better, as a minimum companies require consignees full name, address and telephone number. Details of the make, model, engine capacity and year of manufacture of the motorcycle together with the frame number and registration number.

Below are some guides you should consider before shipping your mototcycle:

Q.A�Do I have to drain the gas tank before shipping or transport?
A.Yes and No. Most companies will require you have only A? tank or less before shipping your motorcycle. If you are shipping your bike in a crate, draining the gas tank is required.

Q.A�How will my motorcycle be transported?
A.Your motorcycle will be transported on a truck that could be open or enclosed. For specialty bikes or collectors item, we recommend an enclosed carrier. If your motorcycle is to be shipped Internationally in most cases it will be carefully packed and crated by the shippers.

Q.Will my motorcycle be insured during transport?
A.It is very important to understand the coverage policy your transport will include, if any. In most cases shippers offer insurance beyond what your own policy may cover and what their standard cargo insurance may cover. It is advised that you read your own policy and get the transporters policy in writing and read it carefully, to make sure you bike is covered fully.

Q.How long will it take for my bike to be shipped?
A.There are many factors involved, including distance, weather and traffic. If your bike is going coast to coast an average is 10-15 days. Up and down the coast averages 3-10 days. Ask you shipper for an approximate transport time.

Q..What form of payment is accepted for transport?
A.Shippers except cash, credit card, money orders or certified check. The only form of payment accepted for the remaining balance due on delivery is cash, money orders or any other form of certified funds. Check with the shipper for their policy on this.

Q.Can I pack items in my motorcycle during shipping?
A.A�It is strongly recommended that you do not store any personal items in or on your motorcycle. Carriers are not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items that are not part of your motorcycle during shipping. Plus insurance does not cover any personal items during transport.