Document Storage Containers

If your business or home needs to free up valuable space and remove the daily filing burden of managing a document archive then please contact a document storage containers provider. They provide custom paper storage solutions for customers ranging from a requirement of just a few boxes up to quantities that run into the thousands at extremely competitive rates.

Who Needs Document Storage?… Households

  • To free up valuable space within the home
  • To de-clutter the house when preparing it for sale
  • To bridge the gap between one home and another
  • When moving from a large home to a smaller one
  • To store possessions if going abroad
  • For storing seasonal items such as clothes and sports equipment
  • For storing bulky leisure items like skis or windsurfers, bicycles or canoes


  • As a small-scale archiving facility – to free up valuable office space by storing documents and files that can be easily retrieved when needed
  • For storing seasonal stock or excess stock
  • For storing office equipment during a move
  • As a small-scale distribution facility for stock, spares
  • For use by reps for storing sales samples
  • For tools or equipment
  • Pallets in open but secure areas


  • Classic cars
  • Caravans
  • Containers