Car Shipping Quote

Export Certificate/Permanent Export

If you are taking your vehicle out of Great Britain permanently you must notify DVLA. If you have a Registration Document (V5) you can do this by completing section C to show the intended date of export. The V5 should then be returned to DVLA or to a DVLA Local Office. In its place you will receive a Certificate of Permanent Export (V561) as confirmation of your vehicle’s registration. If you have a Registration Certificate (V5C) then you must notify export on the purple section (V5C/4). You must take your Registration Certificate with you as you may have to hand it over to the relevant authority when the vehicle is registered abroad. Further information on this subject, including advice on taking a vehicle to Northern Ireland, can be found in leaflet V526 ‘Taking your vehicle out of the country’.

International Car Shipping/Duty and Taxes

Please bear in mind that you may be liable to pay import duties once your vehicle has arrived at the destination port. Whilst Car Shipping companies can arrange for the necessary import clearance documentation, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are fully conversant with import regulations and requirements.

Below are some fundamental guides to consider when looking for a car shipping quote.

Domestic Auto Transport:

  • Coast-To-Coast Auto Transport
  • Open Double Decker Car Carriers, Enclosed Trucks or Rail
  • Network of Experienced Carriers and Truck Operators
  • Trucks Specifically Designed to Transport Vehicles
  • Discount For Multiple Vehicle Shipping
  • Carriers Equipped To Safely Transport Your Vehicle
  • Transport and Pricing Conforming to ICC Regulations

International Shipping:

  • Ability To Organize Within 24 Hrs. To Any Int’l Port
  • Weekly Sailing To All International Ports
  • Agents At Ports of Destination To Clear Your Vehicle
  • Network of Freight Companies and Port Agents
  • Highest Quality Shipping Lines
  • Both Ro-Ro and Containerized Services Offered
  • Secured Port Facilities
  • Handling Of All Documentation & Notarization Required


  • Insurance For Your Vehicle During Transit Is Included
  • We Offer Marine Insurance At Discounted Rates